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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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By glamrockgal
Bazen ben de terk edip gidebilsem keşke diyorum
İçimde bir İstanbul var ondan vazgeçemiyorum.
Belki sen de bir gün geçersin diye köprülerinden
Yakıp yıkamıyorum, koparıp da atamıyorum içimden
Hayat bu işte;
Kanatlanıp gitmek dururken
Dört duvar içinde hap solursun
Yaşamak için bir neden ararken

Ölmek için bulursun


And TODAY...I went back home with BritishVOGUE October 2009 issue.I found a place that sells all international press mags and newspapers(a small counter with no shop) at Taksim.I saw Another magazine issues in different covers and that means different country editions?OH YEAH!

can't wait to check out LADY GAGA interview..yay!:)

Monday, September 28, 2009


I've spent some time at Taksim ending up at Tunel and Asmalı and Galatasaray...I am back home tired...It was crowded as always.I frequented Bershka,Camper,Top Shop and Adidas Originals store.I looked for an individual pair of sneakers at adidas but their desidgner store wasn't that fab like I use to remember.I thing guy sneakers are way more colourful and pretty than girl sneakers.c'onnnn!!!!whats wrong with you guys?I need an outrageous new pair.desperately.right now.I have pictures here after work.I look like I'm styled in workwear clothes especially when I wear my menstyle-shoes.

blur picture of me.street style today.

mens shoes from Top Shop

Taksim almost night

some stylie I spotted@taksim


then I'm@BERSHKA

DROOOOLSSS!!I want these high sexy!

wow! they are so my favorite by far.

I tried a jacket and skipped.not my taste.

fall fall fall

FALL 2009


that______________blank look on my face.again.LOL

OK.Everyday I get tonz of compliments for my cant imagine how much.and I started to envy my own hair.cause its really getting the whole attention.I tell it to my hair stylist and he loves my hair results too.I have hot with it..

how do you say cheese?

Shoes and socks both by TOP SHOP.

I am dead tired.all for now.enjoy the silence when I write.write.write...

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Görüldüğü üzere dünyada ciddi anlamda bir bloggermania var.Ve bloggerlar buyer'lardan ve basından bile el üstünde tutulmaya başlandı.D&G defilesinde buyerların 2. ve 3.sırada bloggerlarınsa front row yapmasına içten içe sevindim.İstanbul moda günlerine gittiğimde böyle bişey görmedim.sadece bağlantılar işliyordu.Blogger olarak davetiye ararken modacılardan sadece Simay Bülbül ve Gamze Saracoğlu'nun basın danışmanlarından davetiye bulabilmiştim.Neyseki bağlantılarım vardı ve hem backstage hem front row yapabildim ama istanbul moda günlerini bukadar iyi resimleyip yazıp bidolu da olumlu mail alıyorsam ve geniş anlamda tanıtımını yapıyorsam bence istanbul moda günleri'nin de bundan sonra basın ve alıcıların yanısıra bloggerlara destek vermesi lazım.(sesimi duyan var mı?).organizasyon eskiklikleri mi dediniz?...

front row: Bryanboy,Tom from jakandjil,garancedore

Bricks Versus Clicks
Just going through my usual dose of fashion news online... D&G shows some major online love, even placing's CEO front row at their show yesterday afternoon.

From today's Women's Wear Daily:

Bloggers are now officially front-row material. At least that was the case at the D&G show on Thursday, where Neiman Marcus’ Burt Tansky and Saks’ Steve Sadove and other retail heavyweights were accommodated in the second row, and further back for fashion directors. In front of them were four high-profile bloggers — The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman, Garance Doré of, Tommy Ton of and Bryan Boy of And to make their job easier, two desks and four laptops were set up right in front of them, entirely operative, as there's no time to waste in cyberspace.

From Wall Street Journal's Christina Binkley (via twitter):

Arrived in Milan from LA in time to change my shoes and race to DandG. Always weird to see the Saks execs sitting 2nd row in Europe.
Well, Saks may be 2nd row at DandG (so am I), but Bergdorf's and Neiman are 3rd. Correlation to their sales? Milan fashion week.
Honestly - It's a new world order: federico marchetti, ceo of online retailer Yoox, is front row at D+G. saks, bergdorf, neiman's, aren't.



I woke up to a rainy sunday.I was going to go different places but rain ruined my I stayed at home for a while.then...I went I bought the october 2009 issue of ElleUK.I guess I'm getting addicted to UK editions of magazines because they are so cool.I checked out US editions too but I skipped.I cant wait to read the whole edition.Its collector's issue.But...I didn't like the cover shoot of Lily with a blonde wig.Its very not her.I prefer black hair of her as the black is very in right now.I also checked out the moleskine notebooks spending a 20 minutes analyzing them.LOL.I couldn't make a decision on if I need sketchbook moleskine or a normal notebook moleskine.I guess I need them both but they are pricey.I will buy one next week.If I can decide on one first.and the fall is so very now.I like to check out boots and thights most.I love fall fashion(not cold weather).

V2K designers boutique

Top Shop-new arrivals

moleskine notebooks-they are on my wishlist

H&M should open its VERY next store in ISTANBUL (Diyorum ki...H&M en yakın zamanda İstanbul'da bi mağaza açmalı artık diyorum...haksız mıyım ama?)

bu arada...eve dönerken üşüdüm.sanırım artık daha kışlık giyinmem lazım.bu iyi bişey mi kötü bişey mi?yarın pazartesi.bu kötü bişey:)

Top Shop

uwsszz Top shop

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tarkan da Bloggerlara yakalanmış

New York City'e ait bir blogu gezerken gözüme takıldı.Tarkan değil mi bu dedim...Evet o!Kendisini bloggerlar New York'da fotoğraflamışlar:) Blogger kişi görüntüden emin değil ama saçını beğenmiş Tarkan'ın.Türk basınında ten ten modası başlığıyla gecenlerde okumuştum gazetede,Tarkan'ın yeni saç stili olarak yazmışlar(sabahları Cihangir'de çayımı yudumlarken gazete okumak işe yarıyor demekki...).
Image Hosted by
By glamrockgal
(picture is from:


The very in designers now is RODARTE.They have something unique.I checked out their web page and watched the whole video of their fall winter collection.I liked the details of the looks.The collection is future-sexy and avantgarde.High knee,wrap-up boots are fantastic.they make the whole look rock.But truely theres a Balenciaga and Balmain you can see there,lies beneath.Many people can see that.

Also, you can see pale leathers and silk chiffons the main fabric of the clothes.I've read that they won a textile award so they have put many different kinds of fabric together in one look...this makes the look so rich.knits are the best pieces in the collection.I also liked vibrant green skirts and sparkling dresses worn in colours and naked hues.Both romantic and futurism is like a dark night.The black pieces were more like dark side of the collection.Monsters.Frankenstein.


It must be hard to wear these boots alone.freaky.wrap and wrap and you lost an hour getting in your boots before leaving

Coco poses.before the show.(


Close up of the boots taken from
Will Laura and Kate work with Christian Louboutin again?It was fantastic some season ago.

""Show must go on...and on..""

this one is my favorite look due to knitwear and black boots

(fashion show pictures from

""Front row""

Raw Footage : Rodarte from Eventphotosnyc on Vimeo.

I found this front row and backstage video but it has no voice.good?bad?huh?
Kirsten Dunst does front raw chatting with some people sitting next to her.What does Kirsten Dunst think about Rodarte sisters? "They are unique," "They didn't just study fashion. You can see that. It's very emotional clothing."she adds.

Milla jovovich in Rodarte dress

Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte dress...

Vogue's Anna Wintour
(pictures from


Thats all from Rodarte sisters.