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Sunday, December 28, 2008


style icon of 2008:sarah jessica parker

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Sarah Jessica Parker Pictures, Images and Photos

what I wore@office party

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me in Top Shop dress,dark blue tights,Top Shop wrap loose boots,necklace made by my mom

jean hunter

I should lose some weight or I cant make to my super skinny diesel jeans anymore.Im on a diet(so called what?) and I better exercise more.But the fact is I eat and dont have time to exercise much.Its every hard working busy person's problem right?If I feel like I gained some weight I dont really feel like trying jeans or even buying them.The right time to try jeans(and jeans shopping) is summertime.You eat light and you swim and you are more energetic.So what?I love denim shopping.

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me@Akmerkez Diesel trying a pair of hott jeans.I loved it cause its like custom made for moi.

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the design of this model looks so cool.Diesel is always like custom made jeans

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Year's eve look book+inspiration+ideas

I know we all wait for the upcoming new year's eve.Most of you haven't planned what to wear on new year's eve but I have good news for you.Just relax.You can look good in a night dress with right accessories and right shoes.Sequined dresses are hot!I adore whenever I see a gray or black sequined dress but if you dont want to shine or really less shine but look simple you can pick a black night dress with details of are some inspiring party looks+pictures that might help you pick your look for the new year's eve.If you havent bought your anything to wear on new years eve you can check out your closet and find pieces that would work together.

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as gray is the black,you can pick a gray dress like this one with black details.Its nice and simple.

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SJP is so hot in chanel.she's inspiring for the beige+white silk night dress working it with sexy socks,hot handbag correlated with high heel shiney two-coloured shoes,simple shiney satin dress isnt killed with lots of accessories.

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Phillip Lim Multicolored sequin dress ---you would shine in a dress like this

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Catherine Malandrino Embroidered silk dress,less shiney simple detailed dress would work great with a bold coloured pair of shoes

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zac posen runway.What you can steal from the look is the pink dress+black accessories combination.from socks to necklace its all black.

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christian loubotin
best tip: wear them when its all over black on you and the only different colour than black should be your shoes

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Chloe Cross front pumps...Vibrant green would rock your look!

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black dresses are hot!

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all in black is the unmistakeable look

shoe of the day

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MIU MIU Paillette covered sandals

vogue china colours

E-Vogue China 2007.03_1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

my secret indulgence: bershka

Lately I frequent Bershka store at Istiklal,alot.Yes I know its a store like zara,stradivarious or pull and bear.but it feels much more stylish.I love the air over there.I mostly check out each new arrivals whenever I'm there lost.I must be nuts lol.It feels like I can spend so much time looking at whats new,workers,shoppers,who buys what and whats very popular.I will go there whenever I'm in the

bErShKa Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

theres something about Kate

kate moss 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

love at first sight

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Calvin Klein underwear and ads

Its you know...its hot if a man is in his calvins.CK is one hot brand famous for its parfumes,underwear,fashion line and so ads.CK underwear ads are always spectacular and outstanding.Calvin klein ads are also Kate Moss fame ads you know.Shes been famous yes world famous model with ck ads.I remember her face or sometimes half naked pictures posing for a ck parfume or in a pair of ck jeans.she's so young in those vintage ck ads.maybe she should pose in ck in the future too.Although its more Amerikan a sexy and curvy Eva Mendes in cks or naked parfume ads.remember marky Mark in ck boxers?what huge campaign.I remember reading women wanting their boyfriends wear ck underwear like him.women buying ck boxers for their men.

after years now Eva Mendes is the new face of Calvin Klein’s Seductive Comfort Underwear ad campaign.Shes really sexy.more sexy than skinny model because shes curvy and hot.

If we look at old campaigns and the new ones.Kate was so skinny in those pictures.Many people told that she was the one making super skinny look popular.Shes now popular for becoming a fashion icon and styling clothes wearing things in a different pespective and the leading trendsetter of the world.

I like new ads with Eva Mendes.She sells it!

Calvin Klein Ad Pictures, Images and Photos

marky mark and kate moss for calvin klein

calvin klein ad Pictures, Images and Photos
marky mark infamous picture

Eva Mendez Pictures, Images and Photos

the new face and model for ck ads

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gossip Girl

Im only watching Gossip Girl this year.Guess what?I love the costumes hell yes
but also I love the cast.The show is ongoing and always something new happens.I like it even its about rich high school drama(kiddin')

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester Pictures, Images and Photos
best friends for never?

burcu heart MARNI

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