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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Invitations of IstanbulFashionDays and new arrivals of vintage stores@Galatasaray,Tunel

ok today I got my invitations to the shows of OZLEM SUER,HAKAN YILDIRIM,MEHTAP ELAIDI(Which is tomorrow@15:30 pm and I cant make it cause its weekday and I'm at work d@mn.I feel bad.I really wanted see many shows but they are in weekdays and mostly between my work hours but I'll try to get pictures of the show),GAMZE SARACOGLU and theres an afterparty!:) Elaidi's theme is "Roads".G.Saracoglu's theme is FLOW/LOSS.Hakan Yıldırım's show is his 2010 SUMMER COLLECTION and its called:"Milad".I can't wait to see these shows.I also want to check out the event location which there will be many brands' counters/corners/places in that area.

Silk&Cashmere,Penti,Collezione,Avva,Pierre Cardin,Gizia,İnci,Que,Ramsey,BNG,Mavi,Sunset,Desa

Mehtap Elaidi,İdil tarzi,Deniz Mercan,Bahar Korçan,Özlem Süer,Hakan Yıldırım,Özgür Masur,Özlem Kaya,Simay Bülbül,Müge Ersin,Günseli Türkay,Hatice Gökçe,Arzu Kaprol,Gamze Saracoğlu.

thats all about IFD for now.Its starting.TOMORROW!yawn!!!!:)

and I want to thank to Yaprak from Sabah.For everything.


and ...I visited Çukurcuma and Galatasaray's second hand/vintage shops/alternative style shops.Heres new arrivals and what I saw and pictured.been there done that...

I think Seymel does great styling here in this yellow tones.the vintage look is awesome,simple,very good job.the belt and the clutch...fantastic:)

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