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Monday, November 30, 2009



Hey!! I missed Istanbul.I am back!!Today was a beautiful sunny day and I visited a shopping mall close to me and bought some stuff that I want.You know what?I LOVE DECEMBER.Its my FAVORITE month of the year.Its speacial for me.and I love all those new year shopping and new year eve preperation.

While I was away...I thought of nothing.I just liked to spend my time off computer,off people,off work...I like detox thing.

and I still couldn't get in touch with the new gym that I want to sign in.They must be nuts.They are closed even today.I heard this gym has a pool.I can swim there too(besides pilates and so on).I can't imagine my body next summer.superdupercute athletic something?!maybe:b


I want to buy fake-fur coat but I couldn't find one yet.I will check out stores at weekend.Here are my two favorite looks from LookBook:

Essi from Lookbook-coat by Mango

Camilla from LookBook


Drew Barrymore, photo by Danielle Levitt via nylon mag

i-d covers love it all.

model in Courtney Love's new clothing line Hysteric Glamour, photo by Marvin Scott Jarrett,via nylon mag

from my view

I'm glad that I am back in town...Istanbul is like are addicted once you breath here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I just wanted to post some inspiring photographs and my cravings at the moment.

chocolate colour hand baggy from MARC by Marc jacobs.Its so pretty.

I want this MARC BY MARC JACOBS bag to carry my magazines.Its called the magazine leather clutch.

I might have post this photo before but what can I say?I just love the total look.This is so MARC by Marc Jacobs look.I love her coat and everything she wore including boots.

vintage tote

love vintage?

lace. lovely. romantic. via facehunter.

leopard print via elle by stylesighting

black is the new via elle by stylesighting

photo via elle

This is one of my favorite photos of Italian.and gray thights are so my style(I wear gray thights to work.yes.)

Monday, November 23, 2009


I was at Cadde yesterday.I visited my colorist he wasn't there coz it was sunday but the other pro colorists did my hair colour.I looked like a rock-chic coz I was having the gorgeous leather and metal cuffs on my arms.I also had that smokey eye make-up.I was kinda like "wheres the rock-party, dude?" look.LOL.I am lately listening to Muse's new single.My new office is kind of a place where people listen to music while working.Its so coool!I was so trapped in my previous work place coz it was a public place.As I am working at the head office I am kinda feeling so free and d@mn good.I love my new office.I had so much hard ironic 2 years lately and now I am starting to breath back in town.All those bummer days are over.can't you see?Now I will work so hard for the good of me.I will get what I me;)

My photographs here are at Havelka-a cool bar-pub@Cadde.Its kinda cool cause it resembles Ankara pubs to me.Ankara is my other favorite city where cool kids come out at night.Check out my leather and metal cuffs.

menüyü getir dedim menüyü değilll:)

black leather and metal cuff: Diesel, moss green leather and metal cuff: thrift store

sudoku oynamak isteyen?

ruhum senden çok uzak yabancıyım senin cennetine

miller, my favorite light beer.


şiddete hayır!:)

beni benimle bırak,
beni benimle bu cehennemde
ruhum senden çok uzak
yabancıyım senin cennetine...
al bu dünya al senin olsun
ne olur artık benden uzak dur
bi günahım varsa o benim borcumdur
sen varını yoğunu al hepsini al da...
beni benimle bırak,
beni benimle bu cehennemde
ruhum senden çok uzak
yabancıyım senin cennetine...

Ruhum senden çok uzak,yabancıyım senin cennetine...

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yesterday I visited Cihangir and walked down the small ways of Çukurcuma to Galatasaray.My saturday was spent at antique shops,vintage boutiques and silver shops.again.LOL.I bought a silver turtle brooch,a silver medallion necklace and a leather and metal cuff in moss green colour.Cant wait to post pictures!:)Here are some pictures I took but my battery was low and lost.So few pictures but enjoy the antiques and "mystic" back streets of Beyoglu...

blank face I can show:)

I am wearing pirate boots,Levis 501 jeans,Yargıcı jumper,zara t-shirt

droools.gorgeous pieces...

that antique shop at Galatasaray I am very in love with...

and today I am at cadde:)


^^Ece Sükan in vintage yellow tones jumpsuit-(Tr Elle scan)^^

Vintage queen model Ahu Yağtu's second hand boutique SECOND CHANCE is at Bebek.Article of Second Chance -(Tr Marie Claire scan)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Details of her...

women's bathroom


dancer must be like 3:00 am midnight..