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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have seen Stam bag in many pictures.Last month a doctor customer came up to me and I saw her black bag from the bag(%30 of the bag was seen from my place).I asked her if its a Marc Jacobs bag and she said she doesn't know it(I didn't even ask her if its Stam bag cause she had no idea what she was carrying).She showed the bag's front and tag and the name revealed.yes,I was right! It was a MJ-Stam bag.She was suprised of me knowing the bag's name with no sight.I said her-like 3 times-if she would ever want to sell it she can sell it to me.She told me no meaning of yes.She said she bought the bag from their USA trip.Why always wrong people own the right stuff?I saw an ebay auction of a MJ-STAM bag.I feel sorry.ı dont know if I would ever be an owner of a MARC JACOBS STAM BAG but I'm still craving and wishlist-ing it.and..what dreams are for?to make them real?

you pretty babe...plz be mine.

zoom to the pretty details

every woman loves this name on their clothes: marc jacobs

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