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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I was on a road trip to Aegean coasts of Turkey...I had great time with my precious family people.I visited 3 cities and has been on the way more than 5 cities passing by.The road trip is like a trip to your inner side.It was very between me and myself(and whatever).I stared at the houses,vacant places,emptiness of the villages,trees,rivers,clouds...I stared at the clouds...I could watch the shadows of the clouds...I could be able to think about life.more than was resting.and interesting.I felt the rain.I felt the sun.lately I felt home.

I took these pictures yesterday.On my long road trip./ Bu resimleri uzun yol seyahatimde ben bizzat kendim çektim.Uzun yolculuklarda insanın kendi dünyasına yolculuk yapmasına ve hayatı hakkında düşünmesi için insan epeyce bir zaman buluyor...


I think fall/winter is closer than anything and all the trends are stolen on people on the streets.Theres nothing left unworn.Interesting?Fabulous.

I loved FABRIKA's shop window.Their fall collection is gorgous with a great sense of style.I want the whole look here.Check out cotton gray knee socks and vibrant purple boots.Its sexy to matter what.inspiring.

başarılı styling(yukarıda)

I didnt like their catalogue window is inspiring.


It was irresisstable.Ok.I'm on a no-buy in makeup and cosmetics for a long time.I was a MAC addict years ago I was collecting their limited edition lines.Now I quit.But...I bought Lanvin's gorgeous RUMEUR eau de parfume lately.Its LANVIN so I couldn't skip.I also wanted to try a makeup(I was using natural makeup-less naked face for a long time so I want the glammy look back.I bought DIOR's diorskin makeup.It looks great and doesn't irritate my skin.Fabulous.

scent of the moment.yummm yummm.


I checked out shopbop,netaporter and asos.Here I made my fall must-haves list from these wirestores.

-MISSONI vaniglia mohair blend dress

-ASOS cat bag (this is very individual and very my style.After I write I guess they'll ran out of their stocks but this cat bag is soooo sweet)

-Unknown Factory-Biker skinnyjeans in red (shopbop)

-MIU MIU Studded clutch (to die for)

-MIU MIU embellished cotton knee socks (so very me.I love cotton socks for winter)

-MISSONI estro printed jacket

-ANNA SUI printed silk dress(lovely,eclectic,perfect dress for fall)

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