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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


black one is my favorite

BJORK's POST album cover---Björk - Post(One Little Indian, 1995)

Years ago in my early teens,I was mad about Bjork's first album DEBUT and I were impatient to see whats next.I remember buying Bjork's POST album and seeing her cover dress was made by HUSSEIN CHALAYAN...It was suprising.That was when I heard about him for the first time.Then I thought Oh!designer must be Turkish...but why did they wrote his name in English spelling? Why did not they write originally as HUSEYIN ÇAĞLAYAN(in Turkish letters?).It wasn't that confusing but being a nut I was ready to think about it.And he had many many intelligent designs and fashion shows that were never sexy(to me) but imagination and art work.Now at this point I have my first post about his fall 2009 collection I think I like it.People say its not one of his best collections but I see his signature designs in the collection.and who is talented Hussein Chalayan?

In 1995, Chalayan beat 100 competitors to clinch a top London fashion design award. In the contest, organised by the company "Absolut", Chalayan, aged 25, won financial backing to the tune of £28,000 to develop creations for the British capital's Fashion Week in October 1995.

Also in 1995 Chalayan works with Icelandic avant-garde pop diva Björk. The jacket that Björk wears on the iconic cover of her album Post was designed by Hussein Chalayan. The Björk's Post music tour also featured several creations by Chalayan. Björk also modeled for Chalayan in October 1995 for London Fashion week. Björk on Chalayan: "He raises daily life to a level of something magical, he was born with these powers and it is a question of whether 50,000 business people are willing to go there with him."
A passionate fashion designer, Chalayan has made his feelings for celebrity-based fashion clear when he publicly announced how he felt about Kate Moss's collaboration with high-street clothing label Top Shop, calling the move "insulting".

Collaborations do not stop with art and fashion for the designer, who is also a philanthropist. In 2007, he donated a showpiece to the Fashion is Art exhibition in aid of radio station Capital 95.8's Help a London Child charity which was sold at an exclusive auction in London.

In early 2008, he designed a series of laser LED dresses in collaboration with luxury label Swarovski, showcased in Tokyo. 28 February 2008, Chalayan was appointed as the creative director for German sportswear label Puma. Puma have also announced that they have purchased a majority stake in his label. The designer also collaborated with German hoisery and legwear label Falke to produce one-off footwear pieces for his Autumn/Winter 2008 collection show cased in Paris.(source:wikipedia)


I share's comment on his fall winter 09/10 collection but its the sharp comments that I dont totally agree.I think theres a good very H.Chalayan collection there but he uses sexy pieces-like-for the first time(I never saw anything sexy in his designs before).But now I see he lives and changes and tries new stuff.I think the strong design backround is so there and maybe theres no train or plane dress but its ok:) "istanbulfashionaddict likes Hussein Chalayan designs since she saw his post dress on Björk."

and heres the comment from

Followers of Chalayan's interest in high concept might have been more focused on his use of art-based technological fabrics. The first pieces he sent out looked almost like faceted gray concrete—they were, in fact, acetate foam—shaped into coats, funnel-neck tops, and abbreviated dresses. He'd named the collection "Earthbound"—referring to the way he'd looked at the urban streets around him in London. That gave rise, later, to prints of fences, asphalt, and manhole covers, all in shades of gray.Like so many others, Chalayan also used his international-audience airtime to show his selling pieces: a couple of good leather jackets, and regular, honed-down black coats and blazers. Still, this was not a season in which Chalayan mustered one of his mind-blowingly memorable performances, and the high-minded intelligentsia that pays avid attention to his every thought might just need a little push to see itself getting out and about with so much body on show. (

I didn't put the below the knee boots designs he has in the beginning of the show.I just think its not him.He is more than trends.Why did he use trends in this collection? Is it because he's in Paris shows? confused.

thats all for now from Hussein Chalayan.Not done yet?asking for JBRAND jeans colloboration?the jeans feature typical Chalayan trademarks.He's been designing denim like this for his own collections for at least 10 years now, but this collaboration seems have resulted in a much more sexier fit.J Btand's co-founder Susie Crippen tells:"Hussein's work inspires me,his work as an artist goes far beyond fashion.I love the conceptualisation and detail".

Circular-cut capris(the Circuit), relaxed-fit straight legs(The Beau), and skinnies with a shifted-side seam(the Legging),all in indigo washes.


I am so into black color and beaded rock-chic accessories this fall. Stockhomstreetstyle.feber's Caroline has great accessories that I like so much.She has an inspiring style.she uses rock chic accessories so well in her daily life.She also has looks on her lookbook profile.

and this picture is from stockholm street style:

I love those rock-chic beaded leather accessories avaible in Sweden.

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