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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Its been raining all weekday and weekend in Istanbul...Its sad cause the rain is so strong and there are damaged areas in the city.I cancelled most of my plans and did not go to gym.I hang out but not as I planned.Anywayz.Depressing weather begins.Time for Depeche Mode and Radiohead music?No way!I still need sun in my pretty life so deal with the bad weather.I'll be ok!I've spent most of my weekend sleeping.whats wrong with me?I was so very tired.I am not anymore.Energy gained back!!

I will be off the record next weekend.

Kate Moss in many times do I have to tell that sequin is sooo in?!?!

as its a bad weather day I choose Freja's black and white pictures.

old school Freja



I wasn't going to post about Rowone(their web page is not finished yet) but I fell in love with these red pair.I want it so much I may even contact with them for this pair.I am totally into speacial design shoes and I may want custom made individual shoes.

designs by roww
photography cagdas basar

As I'm a sucker for adidas,I want a custom made adidas!

you can still wear your summer shoes in autumn.don't put your summer shoes away,wear them with thights..

like susie from stylebubble.the picture is from copenhagenstreetstyle.

I dont remember the source but this picture is so inspiring...I think wearing high heel sandals with black socks and dark denim skinnys is one perfect idea.

my favorite postcard of the day...source:postsecret.There are so many sad postcards that I keep reading this blog,some make me want to cry.

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