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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More pictures from Istanbul Fashion Days..

Due to my photographer friends' move and lazy mood I'm getting pictures late.Here are the pictures of me with Ozlem Suer and me backstage.Also Gizia show pictures are by my friend Sureyya.The biggest fashion event of Istanbul is over but press has more and more to talk about it.So as the fashion bloggers.I bought British Elle magazine today.LiLo is the cover.I saw UK Vogue(a heavy mag to carry) but it was 30TL so I skipped(I have a wish list to buy so I need money for fall shopping).

me with Ozlem Suer.I was starcrushed when I met her.I couldn't talk.I just said I'm a fashion blogger.I chatted with her and said Good luck with her show.My heart was beating fasting than normal so I couldn't give her my web page's name.Its my regret but come on.I don't meet with fashion designers everyday...

If you want to check out more of my photographer friend Sureyya's work, its avaible at: Their name is GUZEL ISLER FOTOGRAFHANESI.

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