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Sunday, September 27, 2009


I woke up to a rainy sunday.I was going to go different places but rain ruined my I stayed at home for a while.then...I went I bought the october 2009 issue of ElleUK.I guess I'm getting addicted to UK editions of magazines because they are so cool.I checked out US editions too but I skipped.I cant wait to read the whole edition.Its collector's issue.But...I didn't like the cover shoot of Lily with a blonde wig.Its very not her.I prefer black hair of her as the black is very in right now.I also checked out the moleskine notebooks spending a 20 minutes analyzing them.LOL.I couldn't make a decision on if I need sketchbook moleskine or a normal notebook moleskine.I guess I need them both but they are pricey.I will buy one next week.If I can decide on one first.and the fall is so very now.I like to check out boots and thights most.I love fall fashion(not cold weather).

V2K designers boutique

Top Shop-new arrivals

moleskine notebooks-they are on my wishlist

H&M should open its VERY next store in ISTANBUL (Diyorum ki...H&M en yakın zamanda İstanbul'da bi mağaza açmalı artık diyorum...haksız mıyım ama?)

bu arada...eve dönerken üşüdüm.sanırım artık daha kışlık giyinmem lazım.bu iyi bişey mi kötü bişey mi?yarın pazartesi.bu kötü bişey:)

Top Shop

uwsszz Top shop

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