I wonder why Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs were dissing basic bitch in their video long ago. I love basics. I did not like basics when I was in my 20s. I used to live in Istanbul and lifestyle was more posh. As I moved to Denmark 2 years ago, my style adopted to local style due to Aarhus city street style is very basic, afslapped and relax. Danes are real gym lovers and dedicated runners. This effected my lifestyle too. I am more into sporty style and everyday ready to go-to gym style. I wear snekears even in coldest winters now-  despite I was suprised to see people wearing sneakers while it's snowing outside when I first came to Denmark.

I love basic sections of HM and Zara. They are my comfort zones they are where I find comfortable selection that I know I will wear every day if I buy them and it is not a risky shopping like splurging a pair of designer high heel boots that I will never ever be able to walk in them or dare to wear them. I am not a tomboy just more realist than I was in my 20s. I bought a lot of clothes and shoes and bags that I never ever used. Yes I wasted my money on fashion items that stayed in my closet unused. It can also be the lifestyle. I always prefer comfortable pieces that fits my lifestyle, which is daily and walking around alot. It is true: I love walking and I walk around alot. I don't own a car and even if I had owned one it does not matter I walk. and I can not walk if I do not wear comfortable sneakers or ankle boots or sandals. That's my life.