I guess I won't be following most fall 2017 trends due to I choose style not trends. Those slouchy boots? nej tak! I do not need them. I will not wear them. Even I go crazy and buy a pair I know I would not be wearing. I live in a really casual small city and most trends do not make sense here. Also in summers I am in Aegean part of Turkey (close to Greek islands), it is very hot there and I have a full closet from my previous Istanbul life and I do not even wear them cause of humid. Its like impossible to wear tulle or nylon as it is so hot. Tank tops, strappy tees and shorts are must haves for summer house. very casual very relaxed. I also lived in my sandals all summer while I was there - like a Roman Empire soldier. I really enjoyed not having socks on ever all the time while I was there. Its like a heaven to me. I care less about my clothes recently as I know life consists of many other things and I've got more issues than Vogue. 

Winter style is nonsense to me here in North as a tropic bird I live in my puffer coat which has a hood - must have a hood- I do not use my coats without hood anymore cause it almost rains everyday here in Aarhus in winters. Its august and I alredy do not wear shorts or slippers or sandals anymore here in Aarhus because its cold to me. Despite cold weather conditions and the fact that I am freezing in wintertime I would like to still constantly think about fashion and what to add to my style and what to wear with what. I love getting inspiration from street style images and celebrity candids. 

I love flare jeans recently. Flares and crop flare jeans. I can find many online flare jeans but as I checked stores in Aarhus most brands failed to get the trend on the shelves ready for trendhunters. HM in Aarhus is very late to put trends on the shelves as quick as Zara does in Turkey shops. Zara is the best brand to give tons of options when it comes to buy latest trends. I know Turkey is a textile country and lucky enough to recieve trends real quick and adopt them to shops. Danmark fails a bit in this thing. Bestseller shops I checked and did not find flare jeans (fx Only, Vero Moda). I also checked Salling, magasin, gina tricot, monki. No flare jeans. Weird. As a Swedish brand I know HM is more into skinny jeans and maybe obsessed with embellished everything and patches. But can we be over 90s now, HM? The only flares were red denim jeans but they were so tall and out of sizes. Do brands really know what WWD wrote recently that most searched words in pinterest is FLARE JEANS recently? I don't think so.

when its red trend, should all magazines do the red trend combining it with pink? Can it be ok or a fashion mistake to use pink and red together? what about those socks like boots Kendall Jenner made a trend? I would not. prefer. to buy. but its a big trend. still no.

Good job Zara. I need a Zara store in Aarhus, also a bigger Mango. thanks.

This winter all I dream is Isabel Marant ankle boots and a nice camel coat which I would love to wear but probably I will end up with a new puffer coat for ultra cold climates. Winter is coming!