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Friday, October 7, 2016


I am obsessed with Levi's recently. I want to buy all my jeans from Levi's, I don't want to give my money to other expensive jeans as they don't show they are what you get ripped. I am obsessed with Levi's and how you recognise a Levi's product unlike Acne jeans with no branding anywhere. I need that branding in my life. I need to show I have a taste and that I had spent my money on Levi's. Unfortunately its very expensive where I currently live in Scandinavia. Everything is very expensive in Danmark and I got use to it. But there was no selection of product at their Söke Outlet in Turkey. I wanted to buy a Jean jacket. I will probably buy it from Danmark but its 1000 DKK . To me its crazy price for a Levi's jacket. 
I also need to have that 505 new pair. and maybe new skinny jeans from Levi's. I need to have them all. Hjælp! Its all because I have very good taste.

Levi's Söke Outlet 'den jean ceket almak istedim ancak stoklarında yoktu. Levis Türkiye bu mağazanın stoklarını genişletebilir mi? yada Aydın da bir mağaza açabilir mi? Levi's seni seviyorum ve ege bölgesinde mağazalarının çoğalmasını umuyorum. sevgiler :)

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