So You Are in the City in Summer and You Want to Look Stylish? Here is your Survival Styling Guide:

Don't worry. It's possible to enjoy your aummer in the city in summer as its hot weather it won't be easy having your full winter makeup routine and layering is not a good idea in very hot parts of the world. You will survive. Who does not like summer? I love summer clothes more than winter. Its easier. I become an Italian in summer. I use more prints I use more vibrant colours and I love getting bronze. I love all bronze makeup collections. Don't you love sandals? I love getting rid off socks and winter shoes.I like Vitamin Sea. I like sea, sun and beach. But hey, I am not talking about holiday style. I will give you tips on city style in summer.

1- Wear dark colors in winter- All dark colours and black are too winterish. You don't need that. You need lighter colours in hot summer days. If you are a black shade lover who only wears black head to toe, then you don't need to lose your style. Its ok. But recommending light colour palette is also because when you are shopping in stores you will also find a great selection of lighter colour palette collections.

2- Floral print dresses - If you are Gwyneth Paltrow and don't do prints I would understand its your style. But if you are not, then you should go for floral print dresses. They are perfect for summer. Long, mini or midi or cuts which style you like there should be a perfect floral print dress for you somewhere. Vintage options are always cool and unique. They are super stylish to complete the look have brown or nude sandals (my favorites are Sam Edelman and Ancient Greek Sandals) and beaded accessories. In your older ages you can also use golden jewelry styles .

3-  Cold shoulder or Open Shoulder blouses and dresses - The biggest trend of this season is off shoulder tops. You can find alot of styles from Forever21 to some Capri boutique (in Capri Italy) to designer options. My favorites are white and blue shades. I saw a dress at Ganni with no shoulder and it was beautiful. and expensive.

4- Lace Sandals - This is what I desire to buy. Chloe has it. Aquazurra has it. There are also high street options such as Forever21 and Asos. They look so chic. Thanks to Monica Rose stylist of Kardashians she started this trend and she also uses it in her daily life. Flat, wedge or stiletto heel does not matter they look so good. You can pair them with dresses, long stretch skirts or shorts. anything.

5- Camisoles better than Tshirts They are better option for super hot days. I like HM ones recently with prints. There are also nude and black simple shades at Zara. I love them.

6- Stilettos work cool in big cities Istanbul kind of cities its cool to wear stilettos in summer. Not with dresses I like them paired up with skinny or culottes jeans and a silk blouse. Stilettos are cool for dinner night outs or daytime cafe meet with a friend. Not for going shopping. Too much torture to walk around. Guiseppe Zanotti has very cool stilettos. I also like Steve Madden and İncideri (Turkish brand) stilettos. I also like Hotic.

7- Cotton Printed Shorts vs Levis Shorts -They are both ok. Buy after 30 I don't like torn or cut off jean shorts. They are perfect for teens. But I don't like torn Levis shorts. They look cool and classic. They are popular recently here in Denmark. But I love cotton printed shorts more- with basic no print thirts or shirts.

8- Sunglasses time- I am not wearing my sunglasses in winter as in North there is no sun all winter and it gets dark around 3:30 pm. Sunglasses are the coolest accessories for summer and also protects from sun. I am obsessed with Fendi sunnies recently. I also like Monki for affordable pairs. Rayban is always classic beauty too.

9- Straw bag- There are great straw bag options. I love Yargıcı straw bags. They are elegant and chic. I have one. They are stylish. And they go well to use in the city too. Just do not pair everything too boho. I like boho but don't forget elegance. and if you would add some glamour it is perfect.

10- Nothing too tight- In hot weather nothing too tight looks good. Have loose pieces

11- Basics- Don't go crazy with all  head to toe basic look. I do alot and its not stylish trust me. Here in Denmark Basic laid back style is ruling its all sneakers and no print basics- mostly black and white. I sometimes go crazy. I do not like all the shops fulled with basics but here it's what selling. Tip for basic is pairing them with a standout designer piece. Also you can buy designer basics for better quality. In high street Zara has really good quality basics.

12- Check your favorite celebities' city style for inspiration-celebs like Olivia Palermo, Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington Whiteley just checking them gives you inspiration to pair things together.

13- White is always a good idea in summer. white top or a white dress or a white detail always looks good in summer.

14- Espadrilles are über must have. I like wedge espadrilles and flat ones. They are all amazing.  Italian and Spanish are best qulity. I love Dolce Gabbana espadrilles of mine.

These are some of the cool tips I give for summer style. Its really important that you enjoy summer in the city. Enjoy sun and enjoy feel good in your clothes. Feel stylish!

Burcu Acem Höjgaard

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