I follow some "IT bloggers" and stylist and fashion stylists on instagram and I kind of am fed up with their super expensive same type fabrication style and same brand same color same style super expensive pieces they wear (paid posts and looks). I'm like; are there any budget friendly style inspirations left? Even celebrities mix high street and designer pieces but super popular bloggers are obssessed with latest Chloe IT bags, anything Chanel anything Dior anything Hermes... Thousands of Euros Outfits look even ordinary I've never heard name of bloggers are showing. Reality is most people are on budget from students to working people: Hello! Life is expensive! Its not like those bloggers, everyone can't effort Chloe 1500 Euro price tag bag or sandals.

Lets get real. I'm not inspired. I just get disappointed. Even fashion magazines show high street styling pieces in their pages. Let's get real. Life is on a budget. We need budget friendly inspiration. Also when you wear head to toe Chloe, its not style, its not taste, its just money can not buy style.

I love high street brands like Topshop, Zara, Mango, Monki, HM, Cos, Other Stories, Weekday, Cheap Monday and I love styling pieces from these brands. Let's be stylish, let's be stylish without splurging all designer items. People on a budget are more stylish than head to toe designer looks.

I want to say to my readers: don't feel desperate because you don't own/ have the super expensive hit pieces.You don't need the latest thousandsdollar price pieces to be stylish. You need to build your own taste. You need to follow trends and check what suits your body shape and what feels you good when you wear it. Style is forever. Its individual. Not a brand not a price tag.

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