All super power bloggers started to get their free cortez sneakers from nike to post pictures. But is it going to kill Adidas Stan Smiths popularity? Is it end of a hype and Nike Cortez takes the trend?

I already live in the most sneakers snob society here in Denmark its all about sneakers. Its all about sportshoes. Danes wear their stylish expensive sneakers even in winter even it snows. So I mean it. Danes are the leading trendsetters for sneaker mania. I have seen all color details of Adidas Stan smiths and I already have one from 2009. I saw the comeback of Nike Cortez already used in fashion editorials of Styleby, Cover DK etc Scandinavian fashion magazines its a key to comeback. They have amazing sneaker concept curated stores here they are all hip and I had chance to see new comeback Cortez on the shelves of the stores. Honestly, I could not like the front of the shoe it looks cheap and nothing like old Cortez. I remember in 2003 I was studying at university with tight budget I desperately wanted Nike Cortez sneakers cause all cool kids were wearing them. I checked all stores in Eskişehir at that time and they were out of stock. Those who have them probably bought them at big cities and Nike was so bad marketing discontinued to run them in their stores I was like what a bad buyers strategy who does not run something so hype not to sell ?!

I am not a big fan of new Nike Cortez as design team needs to fix its front design disaster. Looks very cheap and flat. flat front. Oh no you did not! I want Nike Cortez with a nice front, if I would find one I might wear it but I have no big feelings. I don't desire Yeezy sneakers too and I still wait Stella McCartney Adidas to develop better designs for that ridiculus price tag.

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