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Thursday, August 6, 2015


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Starting from Friday night I was lost inside shopping malls checking designer boutiques and department stores for sales. I was like a pro shopper I checked Zara , HM, Mango etc but never bought anything from high street stores. My main target was hunting for designer, high quality brands in up to 70% sales. It was dreamy. I checked Akasya mall first on Friday night. I checked Thory Burch store and it was like Capri style. Cool brand had not much left on sales. I checked their bags but there were some blue ones left. I checked their summer clothes they were amazingly summer worthy I wish I had a summer trip to somewhere. It was a great chance to check brands’ collections and materials on sales. I have more idea about brands now. I am more into observing. Then ı checked Longchamp which I checked twice cause their amazing bags were on sale. I was going to buy one almost but the truth is I live in Istanbul and I can not use open bag with no major zip. The SA said they have 2 zip parts but still middle part was full open and I can’t use it. They have good quality purses but sizes did not match my proportion. Colours were ok. I also checked IRO my lontime crush with their parisienne chic pieces of boots and leather jackets. I saw a pair of suede fringe boots and fell in love. They were new season. I fell in love. I was there for sales but who cares? I fell in love. I waited to eat dinner and check Beymen. I checked Beymen. They had the floresan orange Alexander Wang left for great bargain. I did not feel the color. I like dark orange not light orange. So I skipped.I checked shoes nothing my size. I fell in love with new season Givenchy and Balenciagas there. It does not help. Prices were über overrated. I left. In Istiyepark I windowshopped from Chanel, and other big high end brands. I found Kate Spade store finally. I got lost in there and found great bargains. I love Kate Spade bags. They are super cool and city urban. I also checked Max and Co. I checked Beymen Blender. I fell in love with a brand called Joie. Now I am in love with that brand. There were amazing soft tees and tops and some dresses. I need something from them. I fell in love with them. I checked the brand and its very high quiality materials. Those über soft pieces were 100% silk. Beymen Blender at Istinyepark had amazing pieces of clothing like tshirts and tops. There was not much left at handbags and shoes. I felt so late. I also checked Vakkorama in ıstinyepark did felt like it was built was teenagers and school kids. I did not find anything there. If you are under 18 its ok. I also checked COS and felt like I’m in Copenhagen or Aarhus. I miss being in DK. I did not buy anything from COS but they had pretty cool stuff. After checking amazing stores and staring at Chanel boutique’s window for a while was amazing experience. I love stores and collections and pieces. I also checked Zara for new collection and I am in love with some flare jeans brown suede platform 70s sandals and a tee. But truth is 70s flare jeans are not good on me. Never did. So I hope this trend wont be going so long. They also look bad with sneakers.and I don’t wear platform 70s sandals everyday.

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