Now that’s the question. I will start my annual summer vacation next week- officially this week but travelling starts next week and I have lists of clothes and shoes for what I will wear during my vacation. I check my closets that are full of summer clothes and never ever worn before- brand new in box summer sandals and I still keep looking at department stores’ online shops to check sales for summer sandals cause they are tempting and beautiful (while I have many never been worn sandals- with heels and without heels and all my colour taste- at home) . In these just 2 months what we call summer and wait for summer the whole year- I keep asking myself: Do I need alot of clothes for summer? I mean – june was wasted with rainy shitty weather, I could not even wear t-shirt and jeans alone without my jacketsIt’s not fair really. And I don’t live in Spain or Los Angeles to wear summer clothes for 6 months of the year. I can’t also wear most of my summer clothes to work cause of klima – air conditioner. I understand to have many flat ankle cut boots to wear almost all year. And many jeans as basics to wear everyday. Or warm %100 wool jumpers to protect from winter cold. But all those summer sandals I wore once or never make zero sense to me.
On the other hand buying is an addiction. I might be the one who buys- thats the aim- not to wear. Just to buy. What a waste of money in total. My designer bags I bought in my life were the best shopping sprees ever ( hello! Harvey Nichols and Selfridges London ). But I almost never mostly use them not to get them old or ruined. And yes I won’t wear them when I get very old. I need to use them. Seriously! I did not use my Zadig & Voltaire teddy boots in beige scared rain and muld would ruin them. Result: never been worn whole year winter. I was planning to wear them in spring – nay. All rainy spring. Its ridiculus not to use them considering what I paid for them. I hope to start using them in september. I bought most amazing Karl Lagerfeld purses on sale. I used the dark blue one once and the silver one once. I really need to use them more. Good thing I use my Marc Jacobs bags almost every weekend. They are quality leather, great style, hands free use, easy for weekends. I know most of my friends(and people in general) buy clothes to use them and some use immediately after cutting price tags. I have to wait for weeks considering of picturing my haul for my blog and I never write about them. Price tags cut later. And using these clothes later thinking I never use them. Its not fair. I know! I need a life to wear them. I mostly like to wear clothes when I am travelling and getting pictures taken or whenever I am with my husband walking around city. In Aarhus its super duper cold in winter despite that Ice cold I like to wear my skirts and Calzedonia tights. I love all the ankle boots. They are my significant style. In Aarhus and Copenhagen I am more stylish.
I kind of want to stop shopping. Really. I have zillions of jeans and t-shirts and jumpers and knits and boots and sandals and dresses. Half of ‘em I don’t wear most of the year. If I would be my own wardrobe stylist I can say I only use %20 of the clothes I own - I use everyday and mostly they are same basics (lots of t-shirts and jeans. Nothing exciting) . Now the question is: do you really have a style when all you wear is basics? And are you sure you are a fashionista? How? You have amazing pieces you don’t use, you need to coordinate them and style them. Like what French women do. Stand infront of their closet check what you have for hours and even try them on infront of the mirror.
I will dedicate myself using most of the clothing, shoes and bags I have in my everyday life. And you know what? I never got rid off any of my things by selling them. All those vintage shoes I bought from London and Copenhagen. I almost never wear them. I should sell them on ebay or something. They are amazing. I will try to get rid off my shopping habit. In the end isn’t it all commercials and celebrities they make a fake impulse to buy it cause someone like Kate Moss wears it? Isn’t it all about PR and strategy and branding so we pay 150 EUR for a pair of sneakers that was produced for 3,5 USD? Or 1000 EUR for a bag produced for 10 USD ? Can you imagine the profit they make with just a Prada label on a plastic bag sold for 600 EUR?  Just because celebrities are wearing that brand we pay tons of money but they get it for free or even worse they get paid to wear it (Great Life). Celebs have more money than us, they have millions of dollarsthey are the ones who can afford all those designer clothes but we are the fashion victims with almost no money living in full of debt but still splurging designer items just because some celebrity or your dream stylist wear it. Sorry Rachel Zoe, I love you but just because you can afford a Birkin and carry it, I can’t.

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