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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


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Due to bad weather of June raining most of the time I might not be in the mood for summer vacation packing (what on Earth is more fun than having a vacation ahead?) . I need to pack my Dolce Gabbana espadrilles but I need to style the art piece. I checked their runway it was black and red with gold shades of jewelry. I lately mostly have silver based colour jewelry and I might need to dig my jewelry closet for styling for the sake of my precious espadrilles. I am plannıng jean shorts , black styling and maybe nude and beige colour styling anything simple to pop and blend with these artistic espadrilles. I checked espadrilles again the other day and everything seems to run out of stock so quickly it may be its the season of summer vacation shopping (oh my god I have nothing to wear ! )

To me makeup and skincare packing for beach and aftersun treatment is more fun. I am obsessed with all those bronzing gels and powders and shimmers and brown and nude shades. I lately have Too Faced Chocolate Bar, Urban Decay’s iconic bestseller Naked palette, Nars Laguna İlluminator and some aftersuns. I lost it at Sephora. Sephora has the best lines ever lately in store. I can only bring my lip glosses.perfect for bronze face.
I am obsessed with nude shoes and I have a sharp stiletto from another season to wear in another world. I love Aquazurra Sandals they are art piece. I wish I had access to Ganni for those nude sandals. I wish I had access to &Other Stories. They are über cool like a backstage model style reading her book. As I mention books, I discovered ‘The Girl On The Train’ while checking amazon dot com and its the best page turner book I have read ever. I’m currently reading it. I need those Dior technologic sunglasses. I wish I had some extra money for them. They are amazing like anything from Dior comes out amazing.
I need to pack more jean shorts and whites and nudes and blacks and prints and dresses. I don’t often wear dresses in city life which is a miss , but I like wearing colour print summer dresses. I need more dresses to pack (diving into my dress closet)

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