Book Review: GIRL ON THE TRAIN – read with holding my breath in a week

It had been quite a while I have finished a book cause normally most crime books were abit boring and slow going I was lately reading Scandinavian crime authors. This book I saw on amazon dot com and reviews and despite ı have tons of books waiting me to read I bought this book getting to the trend of bestseller and reviews on amazon dot com.
Rachel tells her story and you first hear from her side as a a loser in life ex wife of Tom and drunk lost her job lost her husband to Anna who had an affait with him first then Tom and Rachel divorce and after 4 days of divorcing Anna moves in to the same house they used to live behind the railway. Anna has a baby with Tom now and they are a family. Rachel lives with her old school friend outside London in Ashbury and takes commune train every morning pretending to go work, passing every day with a view of perfect couple she sees on their house terrace Jess and James a few houses next to her old house with Tom where she used to live. Jess and James looks perfect golden couple to her- happy, beautiful and together. But nothing seems perfect is like the way they look right? Rachel, in her despondency, has taken to drinking to a point where she has blackouts and forgets that she drunk calls her husband many times a night, even shows up at his home. When Megan left home and got lost, things started to go very wrong around these people , Rachel finds herself in the murder investigation because of what she has witnessed on her daily commute.  She is kind of an outsider with no life but she has connection with everyone in details.
Its a dark story and because she’s mostly drunk you barely think if things she tells on her side of the story is real or her dellusions. The book is a real page turner! I was planning to take it to my summer vacation in July but it did not even last to weekend I finished reading it last night. I can’t wait to watch the movie but actually Emily Blunt was not Rachel in my mind. She’s more like Anne or Megan to me.I feel bad that I finished the book now all other books I have will be hard to read. I’m still under effect cause the characters of the book is very very real and I can say they are in London somewhere still living.

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