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Thursday, May 28, 2015


I love buying summer editions of fashion magazines most. The truth is I get disappointed about the summer issues most, cause they come along with winter clothings , and no I am not talking about August issues I know most of them put fall season clothing to sell in August issues.
I am mostly talking about June and July issues of the year. May and April can also be called summer editions as they are full of summer collections. Vogue Paris June/July 2015 : Daria Werbowy by David Sims is a good example of winter kind cover in summer. Vogue Paris used and I feel like  I am not a big fan of the styling and the cover doesn't mean summer to me at all. Daria has white background , striking a pose as arms up . They have white backround instead of a nice backround with a view or pool or something. I kind of think they could do better with Daria, I see her on VP as much as I see her on instagram and she’s more like an Isabel Marant girl, I don’t know if VP chooses models from Isabel Marant castings or not. I have some amazing VP magazine issues I bought and saved from previous summers by ALT doing amazing at VP but did not buy any since their Kate Moss cover. It was a dark fierce cover of Kate Moss using her allure.
People ask why Vogue Paris don’t use Karlie Kloss or Joan Smalls, maybe they are very American Vogue faces in every month and Anna Wintour doesn’t share her girls? No way joking! I wish they at least had the amazing Amalfi coast in the backround so we could feel like we search that hashtag on instagram.
I kind of like Vogue Espana and Elle Espana for best summer editions as also Spain is the best travelling and vacation country with great beaches. I have never got a chance to check Brazil editions but they have amazing beaches and hope they shoot amazing summer editorials.
They try so hard to look cool I know its Vogue Paris and they are über cool. I kind of want to see some French Riviera and that boho chic in Vogue Paris, I will check the issue in newsstands and decide if I really want to buy it or not cause content is very important to me not just the cover that sells.

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