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Thursday, December 4, 2014


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Its christmas and new year time and everyone is obsessed with shopping for gifts for loved ones and for themselves. Its really the most expensive season of the year. Because companies and brands know that everyone needs to buy gifts and will buy. So the impulse buying also rises while getting lost in shopping malls and shopping streets. All those decorations, lights and shopping crowd and advertisements and magazines attract you to “buy”. And you can’t help falling in love with the idea and follow the trend of buying.
But the truth is everything is full price now and will be on sale after new years. The best buying season is at the end of seasons like last sales with 70%-80% sales going on. Lately I am more focused on buying from outlets of really quality brands so I can have what they were selling last season. Its never out of style if you buy classics even from 5 season before, a black jacket or a cashmere sweater will always be on and elegant, ready to wear.
I am waiting sales to buy my wish lists as lately I had a lot of expenses that are more priority while I already have big closets of bags, shoes, clothes as buying new things are not my mission.
I am patiently waiting to recieve sales emails. Its hard to wait for a fashionista. But will smile in the end if I buy something half price. Its the new black.

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