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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I am a huge fan of Kate's style. But lately she had a change in her style. She is more into sequin and shimmery dresses and tops and jackets. which is not working on me. She also loves long dresses, which I never ever wear. she's into fringe and suede. which doesn't look good if you can not style it with right pieces.I have tried 5 different pieces from my favorites of her collection lookbook. Totally disappointed with purple green summer dress (paisley print sundress)- only summer color dress in the collection cause its 2 coats and when you wear it, the cut makes you 2 size bigger and you need to be anorexic to look slim in that dress. If you are curvy forget it.even if you are not curvy and slim forget it too. Makes you look super fat and thick material doesn't really work. I tried that chiffon draped paisley tie blouse but you really need to be tall or you need high heels to pull it off. I had a hard time while eliminating to buy at least one piece for the effort and name of Kate but nopes, to pay that ridiculus price (278 TL) to that chiffon top I needed to think smart. First I eliminated the Kate factor, I asked myself would I buy this piece and use it for this price if it was a normal TOPSHOP piece.NO. Then I asked myself if its worth the price.NO. then I asked the killer question: how many times would I wear a piece like this: Almost never. I have same kind of pieces in my closet and did not wear in previous summers. Really waste of money. I wanted to buy the dirty white knitted boho top but it was too revealing showing underwear. and that ridiculus price (199 TL). I had killed my top 3 lemmings. last one was that Isabel Marant-ish black jean shorts but it was not good looking on me. I ended up buying nothing just observing the pieces. not all the collection was in the store.Azrec dress was pretty but had no time left to try also I don't like dark colours for summer. 

Netaporter prices are more expensive than the topshop uk online shop prices. Istanbul store prices are even more expensive than netaporter prices of kate moss x topshop collection.and isn't it ironic? I really do think !

I might check out another store tomorrow for if they have any other pieces but let's see... btw, why on earth she did not design denim jeans? that was my hope but no jeans in the collection... dissappointed.

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