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Saturday, February 8, 2014


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FOTD: Using MAC #187 and blending well MAC prep and prime, TooFaced Smokey eyeshadow set, NARS Orgasm shade blush, Benefit Oh La Lift highlighter, Benetint highlighter on cheeks, Dior and Bourjois mascara, lipstick: MAC Lady at Play shade.

Financial Economist is talking now! I did not travel lately due to peak of currency exchange rates in my country ( bad economy due to  corruption scandals /politics lately), there had been a major devaluation of TL so we as nation of Turkiye has lost alot of money.Maybe I can never ever travel abroad again ( I am never an optimistic person in bad situations I think the worst possibilities in life). Therefore, I don't have chance to do Duty Free shopping for makeup. I am like Smashing Pumpkins' old album called "Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness", I am kind of like that double album's songs.I bought it in my teen years and I ended up a melancholic.Its just me, what can I do ? Good thing is I don't do it like always.
If I would ever be in good mood (only at summer vacations on the beach) I can be positive. I think I should move to Bodrum. and very soon. I don't know why I am still in Istanbul. Big city and it's problematic modernday people kill my joy. I need a seaside town to live. Good food, good weather, sea and sun, small city and simple life. That's all I need.

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