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Friday, December 13, 2013


Yeah, I am waiting for sales.Like most of you.Or not.I am changing my tactics of shopping.I want to quit impulse shopping (do I talk like a shopaholic? ) No, I am not a shopaholic, I am into investment and trying to make a shopping cleverly lifestyle lately.I read alot of articles on how to shop intelligently for a month, I only buy what I need and I don’t do impulse shopping (except my birthday week)
I decided that I don’t have so much space at home anymore, so I have to be careful and picky on shopping. Here are some tips:

*    Be Tres Chic, your next motto should be: ‘quality not quantity’.

*  You dont need to shop full price in new world. Wait for sales and try to frequent shops you like and add their  accounts to your instagram, twitter and facebook to follow their sales times.You really don’t need to buy anything full price.

*  Try to ask these questions to yourself before buying: Do I really need this item? Will I wear it next 3 months? Will I wear it next 3 years? If its a trendy piece you need to think more.Because every season there will be some IT piece and trend, and buying that trend über overpriced at the hot term and not using it ever again after 3 months is a total waste of money.Really.

*Try to haunt timeless pieces.Read what French women do and how they shop.French women style is super inspiring and great inspiration for ageless and timeless closet.

*Think about your taste and habits and body.If you buy pieces  1 size smaller thinking you will lose wait considering you did not hit the gym for years and super into food, then its not realistic.You need to think realistic and know your body type and compliment the best parts of your body while wearing clothes. The best you can do is think about what makes you feel good when you wear it.If V-neck is your favorite tshirts and tops then you like your decolette and best is to wear these kind of tops instead ofother shirts.

*Collect money for your wishlist splurge  item instead of spending money on  mass shopping sprees.If you total your monthly cheap shopping hauls, then it will be more than the price of your splurge wishlist piece ( a Prada bag or a pair of Gucci boots) .If you would be on a no buy and rely on it, also its great way to save some money for future lemmings).

And maybe then again, if you would be super picky and save your money for future then you can do 1-3 piece of designer shopping that you were dreaming of that Prada bag or Isabel Marant boots...

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