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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I have cool details of my life on instagram.Here are some of highlights:

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I have the coolest makeup collection ever from all brands and all countries so its the best.I am proud.

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I had a really good breakfast with a view on bosphorus, Istanbul. Bebek.

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I had the best food I can have all week.

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I wore the coolest Brit broguesque boots from Dune that I bought from London 2 years ago with Top Shop skinny jeans.

I don't say I have the best life, definetly not.But I have one life and I try to enjoy it. Years ago I was pessimistic.In my teen years I was super sad because I was stuck in a small city that my parents live and I had super big dreams for my life.I survived with my dreams.I still keep dreaming.I know I'm not like others.I know I am individual.You should too :) #inspire

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