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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


    I need to plan a trip to a fashion capital.Thats why I need to be on a no buy for the next 3 months.Don’t ask me the details of how to cope with buying craving when you are on a no buy.It would be easier if I don’t walk around shopping malls or enter to my favorite shops when still there is no real deal sale. Its really hard to be a fashion addict   you know.

The thing is, I want to wait for sales for winter collections to haul them half price and even score 70% off (yeah dreamy but then no size or stock left).But eventually, its all about spring 2014 that will be on shelves of each brand and stores of that fashion capital. And that really happens every spring, I am in a fashion capital for shopping and the clothes from new collections full price in the stores while its still cold outside.Last spring I was at Milan and exact story happened.Good that I found great deals at cool vintage stores and designer bazaars.

And when you want to shop for designer pieces and if you don’t have richie rich pocket money, then its best to go for sample sales, outlet stores and vintage / second hand stores and of course online shopping is a great  big deals kind of thing  you would be feeling super good if you would end up with really good deal. But at ebay you need to be really careful about fakes , really!

And yes, I have already looked at Spring 2014 collections of my favorite brands and designers to find some eyecandy pieces or even just have an opinion so I can look for some significant standout piece when I enter their boutiques.You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah!
Yeah Yeah!

Let’s get lost in summer collections while its snowing outside. It’s the remedy of your flu.

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