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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I know that feeling.I was invited to a special night for MARNI for HM collaboration a couple of years ago and I really suffered.I can’t even tell enough.Too crowded.waiting in the queue like forever  with alot of ladies (alot), its like “catch it first or they push you aside and get the piece kind of challenge.It was like a bazaar everything is for 1 usd kind of experience but ridiculusly pricey.I waited on the changing room queue for more than hour and then with all the people I waited in the payment queue more than hours like forever.It was from 4 pm to midnight(12:30) torture and at the payment desk SA of HM was so angry of the late hour working, he  rejected to give me a bigger shopping bag and yelled at me- NO! I won’t give you a bigger bag ok? (he was crazy, great recruitment  job of HM HR ! ) I told it to the PR who sent me event invitation she said sorry to hear this and she never invited me to these before release parties again and I am not sad for it J
Now its tempting designer again: Isabel Marant. Wow! I can’t imagine going back to that torture again.Thats why I won’t go and waste my hours in the queue tomorrow.and I know it wont be as bohemian chic as its main IM line or Etoile.
In case, from the forums I’ve read all addicted customers of high quality IM main line won’t buy the HM collaboration cause they believe the collection will be lower quality than Etoile line.And honestly I checked out the collection and those boots doesnt look like real leather as it looks cheap and price tag is über- overpriced as 599 TL or 699 TL.WOW! WHOA! Thanks but I would buy a piece of real IM with the amount of money to spent for 2 HM pieces of collaboration.

If you want to get French chic style there are alternatives of Isabel Marant for HM or IM main line or etoile.Here are my favorite French style brands:
-Forte Forte

Enjoy your alternatives than a frustrating shopping torture !

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