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Monday, October 21, 2013


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this is me with our adorable beautiful cat MINIK.She's my life.I love her.She has amazing eyes.and she loves sleeping.I love her she's got this rabbit fur.She loves getting caressed and sleeping. My mom found Minik on the street as a white small kitten, she was passing by car and then while on the way back she decided to buy her milk.Then, when Minik got out of the small house kind of place and walk to mom, she realized one of its' back leg is broken.Also she had nothing to eat, and had a defecation problem with a swelling stomach.She couldn't leave the poor kitten there left all alone to death.she first took Minik to home.and then to vet school.ın vet school , vet students looked after her and gave medicines for her infections and defecation problem.she even had dirts all over her back legs.Mom looked after Minik like a real mother and she started to get well.But for leg the vets said she needs an operation costing 350 TL.during a time mom looked after her and she got healthy and beautiful.even my parents couldnt believe how beautiful and heathy she got.She even started to walk and now she's all in good living with the love of my parents.How lucky is Minik? If mom had left her there, she could have died probably.No food, no love, no life.We all love Minik so much.She's super naughty , active, loves running and playing games :)

what I wore: Monki jean dress and Monki tattoo thights (both bought from Copenhagen), vintage shoes bought from Prag Vintage in Copenhagen. 

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Anonymous said...

amazing story! big heart for your tights ! <