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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vacation Packing: Overpacking

Result: overpacking.It happens to me alot. Especially when I fly abroad.Its always my luggage is over limit of charter check-in : 15 kg and I’m overpacked (because I wear my clothes up to my mood and I need as much pieces as I can squeeze to my medium size luggage ) How on earth, I am supposed to pack for 1 or 2 weeks away and know what I will want to wear at terms of the moments of my vacation? Definetly, I will not know. Guess what? Most of the new season shopping pieces I kept clean for my vacations (in the deepest part of my closet), and I haven’t even test drove yet. So? What now? Huh? Yeah! Probably, (No, definetly!) I will overpack the combination of old pieces that I wear comfortably everyday and new pieces I bought from collections just to wear at vacation (desire for the new fashion).
In my latest vacation, to Palma de Majorca via Barcelona from Istanbul, I carried that floral  Top Shop dress I never ever wore outside and when I was going to wear it for a dinner then, I remembered that I need a brooch to keep the deep V neck together.It was a dissapponting moment for poor glamrockgal to carry the dress through all that long adventurous journey (and I already had done the “matching colours with the dress” makeup on my tanned face) doom and gloom. Dig into the-closet-of-the-moment at the  beautiful hotel room with a beachview, then I had found another dress (yet rolling eyes, not matching my makeup of that now). It was overwhelming, I was abit desperate (abit? Oh really?) (thoughts-of-the-moment: why I haven’t used any hashtags in this article yet?) I have this bad bad habit of feeling like when I’m on vacation, while I’m far far away, I will need to wear most of the things I left at home (which is an impervious fact). And sometimes, even fashion people can pack wrongly (ending up with wrong pieces or lack of must-haves ) maybe it was me stipulated that it was coming...
And, to that very bohemian suede black Isabel Marant inspired small hobo bag to wear with shorts, I could never use you and had to carry in my luggage for no reason.It feels like you have a bad hair day when you realize this consumption.
Maybe, best is to just bring black and white pieces to vacation and so they can be matching pieces to use together all over.It can be so Scandinavian summer closet right? Maybe, it can be so much easier to do the styling wearing them together infront of mirror staring at the looks and how they look on you and how you feel in them, huh? Thats very French chic methodology. I am here with a remedy, a solution, a perfect conclusion.I know it does not carry the vibrant summer colours and prints and summer feeling.A day without sunshine is like night.maybe its not a win-win but its not a loser packing too (pardon my French but also no overpacking either).Nonetheless, overpacking is kind of aproblematic fun when pieces and their colours dont match with each other at the destination, with a confusion on your tanned face. ARTICLE by BURCU ACEM

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Anonymous said...

fun article! I do overpack most times that I hate too