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Sunday, August 4, 2013


OK, I was on a 2 weeks vacation at Mallorca.I am back today, I was supposed to be back to Istanbul yesterday but Vueling charter did not fly to Barcelona on saturday morning due technical problem there was a noise in the plane.We got out of the plane , they were probably fix or find a new plane or just wait- these were all the possibilities but you know what they did? NO INFORMATION for long hours and all the passangers were stuck in Palma de mallorca airport and most of the passangers (including us) had other planes to catch to make our home back.For hours Vueling people did not give any information saying they have no information - announcing they will give information but they did not- so we got stuck for hours and they did not give us our luggages until 2 pm which most charters to BARCELONA were gone and we missed our 5:35 pm Istanbul THY plane.We waited in the queue at the ticket office of Vueling and we were like 6th in the queue and queue did not move a person for hours because only one frontdesk was serving even there were 3 people in the ticket office.It was a big torture to wait in the queue for hours and around 5 we could have chance to book another ticket from vueling at 6:30 pm because they dont give money back - no ticket refund.after this long suffering day of stuck in Mallorca airport, we could make it to BARCELONA at night with no hotel reservation.We also had to change our THY ISTANBUL tickets to tomorrow- SUNDAY 12:45 plane paying 50 eur penalty per person.we found an airport hotel and paid the hotel money and night lunch FROM OUR POCKET.we could come to Istanbul but our weekend was ruined THANKS TO VUELING for ruining my weekend and the last days of vacation.I DONT THINK I WILL EVER FLY TO AN ISLAND JUST BECAUSE I WILL NEVER USE CHARTERS AGAIN.

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these are the views from our hotel room at SA COMA BEACH, MALLORCA, SPAIN

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