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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


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I have been having very busy lately.I have been more social than ever though I had been a strong supporter of home sweet home weekends and theres no place like home motto as daily life but then after 2012 is over my 2 months had been about a processing time of renewal of selfie.I re-created myself and my mind and my thoughts- oh yeah I had so much to think about life in first 2 months of my 2013 life and now its like spring and also a new Burcu is living everyday.My weekdays are more hectic at work than ever and my weekends are all about dream.I've always found reality so boring so I developed a fashion lense eye and observor of style, talent to draw and yes, I was born with it.I have developed this life and this blog as my alterego.My fashion journalist alterego is all about creativeness and travelling feeds my alterego and also shopping all around the world and the brands.This year my style is developing and changing too.I more like to carry my favorite designer label bags like Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang.I am still a sucker for vintage and yes, anything vintage.I also use more accessories.I am more into gym and long walks at bosphorus to keep fit.I also like to eat I can never imagine myself anorexic.I love good food, good wine and good mood.I want to work more on style diaries of my daily style maybe I can find a way in summer.I really really have great pieces for styling this summer.Yes! anyway, I am also getting lost in fashion magazines and instagram.My new hair color is called Dark Copper meets Chocolate.I lately buy Italian Elle and any Instyle edition as possible.I like to buy my rings from passages of Nişantaşı.My favorite song of the week is Stronger by Kanye West.I lately watched Girls (HBO Show) and also Homeland.I love to watch TV shows from my laptop.I am a sucker for fashion images and shopping and observing street style but still Istanbul Street Style does not feed me.I get international emails from all around the world about fashion and also from Euro fashion insiders and PR firms and buyers and magazine publishers.I love high heels but mostly I wear my Supergas.I love dresses but I mostly live in skinny jeans.Normally I buy all my makeup from airports' duty frees but last week I had a major haul of all kinds of splurge and steal makeup.I may end up an intellectual snob but I prefer to smile and  pretend I just live my life individually or privately.

My next purchase will be another Alexander Wang bag or Guiseppe Zanotti heels- love the summer collection pieces but OMG - going to end up broke if I splurge on them.

I can hardly tell I was reading 50shades book and I almost finish the second book but come on, real life is much more than 50 shades world.

I want to write poems but I lost that kind of loser feelings.I am a deep complicated loser inside but I look cute.So it saves my life.

I had problems with my mom recently for a week and my aunt survived the chaos and we are cool again.My mom has always been the closest person to me, I have alot to share with her recently but I don't.

I havent been this eyes wide open revealing lately but its my blog and I write details if I want to.

Burcu Acem


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I hope 2013 would be your year

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cool post 3<