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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Sometimes some days and sometimes most days are über hard. I feel so dazed and confused today.Life is always a  complicacy, disappearince, its a war, its like I am in war and everyones an enemy but they are all weak- no one is stronger than me.But after long battles and argues of life its always that hard like it rains all the time.

But even its always that hard, I am working the hardest, I am not like the others, I am not like any of them, I am more related to art and more related to the birds, I am more like cats, Sometimes I wonder why to try so hard if we are all going to fade away in the end.If its not a happy ending, its not the end.

People may look simple.But people are complicated in the eye.Look into their eyes and theres a whole story that you can not know all...

If you think your life will be the same, you are wrong.Cause every destination will change you and your life.and some people willl help you change forever.because they are meant to be on your way.darling.

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Andrea said...

this is really inspiring post! glad you published it!