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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


That’s what we all think about when we see a stylish fashionista or someone passing by on the street or at your favorite high street store or a vintage treasure and she’s having them all styled up on her and you do a double take and can’t take your eyes off ….what? maybe a vintage bag, maybe a pair of beautiful boots that you’ve been searching forever, maybe its the coat she bought from a high street brand, maybe head to toe designer pieces trends of the season and waiting lists all over.or maybe she just pulls out that look and its her marketing, alluring you with the conclusion: I’ll have what she’s having.Its like wearing the lipstick Kate Moss wears won’t be adding those killer cheeekbones to the final look.But a good contour blush can help right?

And its the same conclusion in friendships.Sometimes.You may feel love and support for your bestfriend or friends but on the other hand your friend can be so stylish and good at finding perfect pieces at shopping sprees and you may just end up wanting to buy the same piece too.Its like an instict.Some really go and buy the exact pieces with their friends.But when it happens to you and your friend is your closest but she keeps asking you where you get those perfect studded booties and buys the same pair, you may feel fooled and copied and even betrayed.It doesn’t make your boots unique if your friend has the same pair.or your friends…

As a result, its a big problem to be copied by friends maybe you better not tell where you got your perfect unique piece from and tell that you don’t remember the brand.If you are the one who keeps buying your bestfriend’s pieces then maybe its better to quit and start a new unique style life and haunt for one of a kind pieces rather than what your bestfriend keeps buying and wearing.

article by BURCU ACEM.

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