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Thursday, October 18, 2012


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I want these pieces but I can't stand to shop at that limited edition crowd.It was so painful at Marni for HM event  it was a presale night for VIP and Vogue Turkey gave free invitations online so there was a massive crowd at that VIP night so it was like bazaar.and the sales team at payment were so rude and out of their mind- especially one from sales team at Istinyepark.After a painful wait in the payment queue I promised not to go to these kind of events including IFW ever again.I dont like this kind of events.My time is more important than getting bad treatment from freak and rude sale teams(I was very polite but they were insane).I hope they would get fired.yeah.cause they don't represent their brands in a good way.I never went to Istinyepark HM ever again.I wont waste my money.There's Zara.There's Top Shop.Theres more more brands on this Earth.Life is too short to shop from "bad treatment with your money" shops.

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