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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My eyelashes are worth it! I try every new mascara as I can and here are my latest tries...Normally I dont wear mascara so much but when I glam up I need to have the best mascara.Revlon has great mascaras,YSL mascaras are my long time lusts, but latest find and cant live without one is probably Dior one I had seen on an SA at Harrods, London and asked her which mascara is that and she had it apply on my and wows! a huge impact of change.I bought one tube there and another tube at Heathrow Duty Free-I wasn't sure if it was avaible in Istanbul but I guess it is.Another good one of Dior was 360.I haven't seen 360 at Istanbul AHL Duty Free but Dior counters in ıstanbul might have it.Revlon one is perfect.just Perfect.The one of HR has black laces on the hot! Chanel one is waterproof but it was a huge waste of money does no difference waste.

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Tserendulam Altangerel said...

how is YSL's?
I just adore that mascara from Dior so much!!!

istanbulfashionaddict said...

dior beats ysl by far.I love ysl faux cils but from now on I cheat on it with diorshow :-)