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Saturday, March 3, 2012


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Fashion, trends and creativity are always making my mind busy.Sometimes we love the creative but never wearable clothes designed by creative minds and sometimes we fall for easy simple ones... yes! very simple clothes.There are always trends that come and go so fast and fashion darlings love following the trends and buying trends to show off first and there are other people who only wear black and there are some who love simple clothes.The most successful collections sometimes are who make the simplest collections with no creative new ideas just old stuff.and there are experimental people who love to wear extraordinary stuff that no other one would wear and they standout in the crowd.The crowd calls them weird.But they are different individuals.Noone should wait everyone to wear one type clothing.World would be so boring, right? And some has great style that whatever they put on it looks great in total.and some are addicted to fashion because fashion is their lifestyle.and they read Vogue.Some people only wear brand names and brands on because they love to look rich.Some people never get the hype of fashion and fashion crowd and they end up wearing sneakers,jeans and a tshirt in their whole life process.

Honestly, trends and times and fashion changes so fast and its hard to catch.Maybe we should just follow the trends and enjoy our own style and wear what we want and feel confident with our looksMaybe its the best thing to do.Add colours to your life and work on your own style! article by Burcu Acem.

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