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Friday, April 1, 2011


it was the most hectic day at work and I had to work till 22:00 pm and i am sick of it.I dont like wasting my friday nights at work but thats real life of mine and its a big bummer.Since last year I am working for late hours everyday but i still try to update my blog and research and take photographs for my lovely blog.I work so much and I spend most of my time working, studying, designing, reading (from books to fashion mags to blank faces)....

In the couple of next weeks I am going to Paris.Its very official :D I can't wait.I have tonz of plans and i have no plans i want to go and expolore everything by myself.One thing for sure I am going to visit MARC BY MARC JACOBS  shop to check out bags and shoes and anything else.

and i am so bored of hectic worklife.i need a break from everything.

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