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Monday, April 25, 2011


I've been off the record for a week because I was in Paris.yes! It was one of the most beautiful trips I've ever made.I've spent most of my days and nights around Marais, Bastille,Opera, Champs-Elysees,St.German,Montmartre,Louvre, Tuileries and more and more.I am in love with Paris and bohemian lifestyle and chic men.Truth is like Italia, French men are very stylish and attractive.I am so suprised.I really could observe bohemian lifestyle and the streets and the street style.Honestly half of the people were tourists but it was fun to watch around.I think I've seen the biggest Sephora ever at champs-elysees and when we were talking English a MUA came across and started saying Turkish words and then said he knows because he is the responsible MUA of Sephoras in Turkiye-that means he frequents Istanbul -alot.My favorite places were around Moulen Rouge, Marais,Opera and Louvre.I hope to frequent Paris more.But I missed Turkish food so

These are the fashion magazines I bought from Paris...I enjoy reading L'Officel,Vogue Italia,Grazia more.I am totally on a big splurge on international fashion mags.

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