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Sunday, January 2, 2011


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shirt is printed,black thights: MNG,İstanbul boots: Hotiç, belt: Primark (that I bought from Barcelona),makeup: MAC.

Its been a while that I did not wear thights for ages but as I got thinner since summer I wear everything I want easily.I was thin enough before summer too but I was doing sports and pilates and biking.I quit them all after my long Euro trips.Normally I am size 36(TR) but lately I fit in 34 too.Thats kind of weird.I eat what I want.mostly unhealthy(fast food and cakes).I am careless than ever.After 2 years of hitting gym (I frequented gym 2 years- few times a week and it just helped me have great leg muscles and perfect fit.But no thin look.But a healthy look.But I was afraid to gain so much kg.s after quitting gym (most people gain weight after they quit gym and they get addicted to gym for not to gain weight again and balance their weight).It happened to me once.This time it did not happen.I like long walks better.I am just a fan of healthy look.thats all.

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didem said...

canım gömleğin&kemerin harika!+botlar süper!