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Sunday, January 2, 2011

From my magazine archive: newbie old issue of Vogue UK

This is a rare buy of me lately,I found this magazine in an old store.Its Vogue August 2001.its 10 years old issue of VOGUE UK.Thats so cool and a rare find of mine.I bought it around 3 TL.Can u believe that?

I'm going to scan some of cool editorials and features and ads from the mag later.Those were the times of Tom Ford re-creating and making a top brand of GUCCI again.Gucci's top years...Now he was featured in latest Vogue Paris.Thats kinda weird right?I am in love with getting lost in an old magazine,its like a time machine.

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Vogue UK August 2001 issue.
Cover: Natasha Vojnovic
Photographer: Mario Testino.

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