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Sunday, December 5, 2010


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my new precioussesz.^^^^

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I was after this pair of booties for a long time.^^
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my brown leather them!
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my first 2011 issue magazine is NYLON.I did not know it was not december issue when I first buy it.I loVe NYLON mag.

I went on shopping  yesterday and bought pretty good stuff especially accessorises.H&M opened 2nd store in Istinyepark yesterday and I was there.The queues were not crazy but I did'nt buy dresses or clothes cause I couldn't try on.I did not want to wait.My first stop was Top Shop and then H&M and some thrift stores,magazine newsstands and an art store.I bought art posters,Nylon Magazine's january 2011 issue,a ring from top shop,a pair of men brogues from Pull and Bear (real leather), a brooch and ring and a pair of perfect mid-heel booties to wear with skinny jeans and skirts from H&M.I also bought an individual green jumper with holes from an alternative boutique.I started the day at Taksim,then istinyepark and so on...Its extremely cold now on sunday and whole week seems like its gonna snow all over the country.I am not a big fan of COLD but its ok...

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Anonymous said...

nice haul.I am in love with menswear shoes on women