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Friday, August 13, 2010


Last few weeks just passed away so fast...Summer is ending and most of my summer was spent in the city and at suada or taksim.I have been in a progress of looking at myself and what I really want to do to be more happy and positive and away from stress.I realized that I love travelling and vacations-not people.So I decided to travel thru all my vacation.And I planned on a huge trip.I am going to Italy this weekend for 8 days.I will be travelling to Milan,Florence,Rome and Venice.When I'm back I'll immediately leave Istanbul and go to our summer house.I will spend 2-3 days there then I will go to Çeşme and meet my friends there.We will stay in Çeşme for about 5 days or 6.Then I'll be back to Istanbul.And, after 1.5 weeks I will go to Barcelona.I will stay there for about 4 days.And then I will be back in town and I will focus on Istanbul and hot spots.

I'm 100% sure I will have so much fun, especially in Çeşme with my favorite friends.And I can't wait to see Italy-its my first time visiting the country.I've been reading all history and art stuff on Italy and now its time.

I am leaving everything far behind.Good or bad.I never look back.So I won't look back when I'm back in town.I don't care what had influence on me good or bad.I don't really care.And I don't really care anything at all.I just love the life I live and every day of my life.Its my life and I depend on me.Thats the best part.I decide what I do,what I buy,where I go,what I drink and eat,what I enjoy.Its all my own.its my life.and its damn good.

I won't be writing for 2 weeks.I'm officially off the record.

I know I won't be the same person after all those travelling.I know.and ...I started to like it.

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Thomas said...

Have a great Trip and Enjoy yourself!