today I bought: VOGUE USA August 2010 issue

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my latest haul also includes cosmetics and sunscreens and bikinis(not shown here).

Today I had a stressful and bad day at work and after work I went to my favorite mall to shop and hang around.I also checked out Top Shop but found nothing I need in my size.I also went to cosmetics and makeup stores to find new shades, I felt better at that moment.

I also checked out the international magazines' issues and Turkish mags.I loved Elle Germany - Jessica Stam cover.No Italia issues of august were arrived but Russian,German,Spanish,UK and French editions of Vogue,Elle,Marie Claire,Glamour and more were on the newsstands.

While checking out US Vogue's ad campaigns,why Revlon's face is Jessica Biel? they should have never fired Cindy.She has the most significant face.

Here's Gwyneth Paltrow .... on the cover of US vogue.I love her blonde locks and maybe starting to miss my blonde hair back.