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Model: Marike Le Roux
Photographer: Thomas Schenk
Fashion Editor: Havana Laffitte
Dress: Giambattista Valli, Belt: Proenza Schouler

I don't know why its a stuido photoshoot but I am in love with Giambattista dress.I bought the magazine a couple of hours ago and check out whats in and just editorials.I am in love with beauty photos inside-high impact colours.By the way,cover girl has the same photoshoot and editorial inside called RENKLER PEK YAKINDA.Its a retro editorial in a studio.Bigger size jumpers and pants you will see.The fall collections appear in the editorial.In July.In Turkey.In Vogue.Normally Turkish fashion magazines start to do editorials with next fall's clothes in August issues but Vogue Paris June issue has a fall 2010 editorial too.Whats wrong? Nothing.But we only have 3 months of summer and I only want to see summer and seaside in the mags that scream go to a vacation and get tanned and wear your beautiful colorful light summer clothes and forget the fall+winter+rains+heavy boots+depressing weather.Now I see summer mags are not summer issues anymore.and it hurts.crash.boom.bang.


Anonymous said…
Wow I wish Malaysia has its own Vogue too. You are lucky that your country is fabulous enough to have its Vogue. Unlike mine. lol :-D

Thanks for sharing the cover!
LOL we have Vogue since march 2010Our Vogue's first cover was Jessica Stam.I have previous posts on Vogue Turkiye.Truth is we are proud of having a Vogue.and someday Malaysia would have its own Vogue too.Why not? :)
nadire said…
iyiki var Vogue'umuz.Ben diğer moda dergilerini okumuyorum artık.Türk dergileri özgün değil.herşey taklit.yaratıcılık yok.
merve said…
kapağı beğendim ama yaz kapağı olmamış.Kış gelmiş.
leinti nti said…
i have this one and it is a wonderful cover and issue. yet I so agree with you on this one:
'we only have 3 months of summer and I only want to see summer and seaside in the mags.'

in london shop windows feature school uniforms and it is only the 27th of july. mercy.