1. shirt, dont know, charity shop, in shirts (basic) 2. shorts, d.i.y, in shorts 3. clutch, in bags

1. Vintage YSL , YSL, Vintage market, in blazers 2. Black Belt, Vintage, second hand store in norway, in belts 3. bows, Bianco footwear, Bianco Footwear, in heels/wedges 4. stockings, H&M, H&M , in legwear


sunglasses, flea market, in eyewear

1. bvlgari bedsheets dress, Marta Forghieri, in dresses 2. Leather String, I don't remember where I bought it but I love the bright yellow!, in belts


1. mesh t, american apparel 2. striped zipper shoulder top, H&M 3. skinny jeans, DIY, in jeans 4. grungy boots, in boots 5. golden locket, painted by my grammy naomi 6. grammas bracelet, in jewelry 7. moms highschool watch, in watches 8. pesos ring from erica, in jewelry 9. grandma boshi's ring, in jewelry 10. white nails11. diamond blazer, thrift, in blazers


1. Harem pants, zara, in full length pants 2. Japanese shirt, in shirts (basic)


1. dress worn as a top - Zara, zara 2. shorts - H&M, h&m, in shorts 3. blazer - Zara, zara, in blazers 4. shoes - Jeffrey Campbell (Solestruck)


1. long black cardi, H&M 2. GAGA tee, hot topic, in shirts (basic) 3. messenger, in bags 4. cuffs, metro park/vintage/urban 5. stripped shorts, H&M, in shorts

Hat, vintage, in hats 2. Jacket, vintage, in jackets 3. Short, home made 4. Bag, New Look, in bags 5. Shoes , Etsy

1. Grey Acid Wash Denim Shirt, topman, in shirts (long sleeve) 2. Vintage 70's boots, Ariat Int.,, in boots 3. Skinny Jeans, Monkee Genes,, in jeans 4. Vintage, Saks 5th Avenue,, in coats 5. Brown leather belt, Dsquared, in belts

Martina M.

1. self-made lace leggings, Vaara, in legwear 2. top, h&m 3. gun necklace with knife, self-made for sale, in jewelry


1. high waist trouser, vintage, in full length pants 2. vintage crop top, in vests