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Mallory is a journalism student from USA who is interested in writing on fashion and foreign fashion magazines especially Turkish editions of mags like Vogue,Elle and so on.and when she visited Istanbul she wanted to do an interview with me.Last saturday we met at Taksim Starbucks.She came to Interview with me at her last day before the day she flied to USA back.We talked on her trip,her school,my life,her life,Vogue Turkiye,my blog,her blog and so on.If you are interested in what she wrote about me,what she talked with me, go to her blog: Everything + Nothing.

She recorded the whole interview to a camera for her fashion editorial job at University magazine and I answered all her questions in English(its not that hard to talk in English to a camera but its hard when you forget a word something lol).she had her notes and questions written in a phone notes page that she asked me a bunch of questions starting with how I started to blogging...more will be featured in her interview video.

Too bad we did forget to have a picture taken together.

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king said…
Hello! I want to interview with you too Burçcu!lovely blog
lovehate said…
güzel röportaj olmuş yenileri de isteriz bu arada blogun çok şukela!
zeynep said…
harika! seni moda dergilerinde çalışırken görmek istiyoruz artık