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smoocher! my makeup today-all MAC Cosmetics.eyeshadows:brushed "surreal" all-over eyelid through brows and line "sable" on the center of the lids.

WHAT I WORE TODAY= Old top and Top Shop denim.very basic sunday.

I am kind of in a rush between nothing.I bought other Turkish editions of fashion magazines of the month to check out how they came up to race with Vogue Turkiye first edition.And I am sorry but they failed! The editorials were not as good as I expected of this month of "other" Turkish fashion magazines.They also wrote less about Istanbul Fashion Week 2010 than they could.Also I am tired of seeing same styles and typical fashion articles over years and years.Turkish fashion magazines need invention.

Weekend was shy.I had a sunny saturday and a sunny sunday.I am also continuing mu new spinning class but oh! it hurts so much.But I am getting stronger on that.I am an old biker since I was 4?maybe?

By the way I also spend most of my time listening to good music from myspace.New bands are good for me so I say good.

On saturday night I freezed -yes-the weather was cold and sun was fake during the day but when I got into the night it was VERY cold.I hope not to get ill ever.

I have new a new life motto: never look back again.coz it does not help but it gives such a pain in the @ss...

and..summer 2010 HURRY UP!!!

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a detail shot from my stash


Anonymous said…
your hat is so pretty !!
lovehate said…
kiss kiss fotoğrafından sonra makyaj markalarından modellik teklifi alabilirsin:))