CARRY A CLUTCH -its the new black!

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I AM WEARING: clutch by OXXO,denim jeans by Top Shop, flower top by
Zara,socks by Calzedonia,shoes by MNG, large vintage-inspired ring by Top Shop,
necklace: mom made this for me.Everyone asked me what my eye make up is
especially my eyeshadows.Truth is I only used a bunch of MAC turquise
eyeshadows and  MAC fluidliners.

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^^^^zoom the details^^^^

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Clutch bags!I knew it was the most popular trend at Fashion Weeks around Paris and NYC and its hot in Istanbul now.I have only seen Harpers Bazaar Turkiye fashion editor carrying her bag like this at Istanbul Fashion Week in real life and only me-on the streets.But after this post its gonna be more common to sight-seeing women carrying their "clutch" under arm-with one hand.

I wrote that I will write on what I wore at weekend so here are my looklet photographs quick and informative.I have found a new hair salon that I can frequent more its really hip and clean so I will go there again coz the hair stylists there treated me great like vip.I will go on frequenting there coz they do great blow-dried sleek hair.I like my hair wavy tho but sleek looks hotter.wavy looks more pretty.that's the deal.

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collage by istanbul fashion addict photos via jak&jil, garancedore, sartorialist

Lately, I had recieved e-mails and comments to put a google translate button on my blog so here's one with flags at the top of my blog-guilty pressure-I know you wanted me to do it long long time ago but its just out now-**runs** lol


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Fabrika boutique window via my iphone:)

Do you carry a clutch yet?


kom said…
you have great looklet pictures.I loved the first picture.Do you do your own makeup?
emma m. said…
your styling is AWESOME !!!
king said…
pretty hair+makeup+tee