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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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Vogue Turkiye's editor Seda Domaniç has the first issue's first copy in her hand :)

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Today there was a move at IstinyePark for selling the first 1000 editions of Vogue Turkiye.It is Jessica Stam on the cover and the first edition belongs to Vogue Turkiye's editor Seda Domaniç.I am so excited for our new magazine in Turkiye.I hope Vogue Turkiye will be one of the best versions of Vogue all around the world.My first question is: why they choose Stam for the very first issue?It could be anyone else's face but I am sure they choose her for a reason.I think soft colours and simple sophisticated photograph chosen for the cover is fantastic.My dream first cover was Natasha Polly but hey,its ok!

photos via ntvmsnbc

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picture via ece sükan's twitter


Scorpion Disco said...

How is the Turkish Vogue? Is it a lot different than the other Vogue that was around before? Tell!


istanbulfashionaddict said...

as an "expert magazine reader" I will write on VogueTr tomorrow all the details:) I will do a post on Vogue Turkiye tomorrow.

by the way did you like the cover?
will you buy the first ever issue of Vogue Turkiye?


Anonymous said...

Model Jessica Stam looks perfect on the cover <3

Anonymous said...

you know what, Natasha Poly would be great! I think Magdalena Frackowiak would be great too :)

Claudia Lawrence said...

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didem said...

dostum bi sen eksiksin Vogue'da eksik bu dergi tam olmamış!!!

AMB said...

I absolutely LOVE the cover! It's clean and the image is gorgeous.

I hope the publishers/editors keep the clean format and not load the front page with too much text.